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The livelihoods and well-being of Pacific Islands are inextricably linked to the optimal and responsible exploitation of ocean, coastal and land-based resources, especially mineral resources. However, management of some "non-traditional" resources such as deep sea minerals and hydrocarbons are in many cases beyond the present capacity of SPC Member states and there is poor awareness of the necessary policy, legislation and environmental, fiscal, taxation management regimes needed to ensure Pacific Island interests and environments are protected.

Developing sustainable aggregate resources has been an important focal area for the Ocean and Islands Programme (OIP) over the years in recognition of the devastating impact of uncontrolled beach mining especially evident in urban atoll settings. In these settings, beach mining has increased as demand for building material has also increased. This example highlights the need for development of not only technically sound alternatives, but alternatives which are economically viable and socially appropriate. OIP will continue to deliver integrated technical solutions which include social and economic considerations.

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Wednesday 16th February, 2011, Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), Nouméa, New Caledonia. The Government of New Caledonia and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community have signed three agreements today to fund interventions to reduce public health risks resulting from contaminated drinking water, inadequate sanitation and drought.

In welcoming this signature, SPC Deputy Director-General Richard Mann noted the ‘importance of these agreements to the ongoing development of the country’ and their focus on ‘addressing priorities set by New Caledonia.’

The agreements worth € 1.55 million in total will support New Caledonia in the areas of water safety planning, sanitation, and integrated water resource management. These initiatives fall under a larger regional project aimed at reducing disaster risk in Pacific Overseas Countries and Territories thereby benefiting New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna and Pitcairn Islands.