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Map and Spatial Data Repository

SOPAC's core work program involves the production of a lot of geographical information systems output; and these are mostly some combination of digital maps and geo-referenced datasets. GIS specialists within the the work programmes utilize a diverse set of toolsets to create, manage, analyze and display geospatial data on digital maps, which are acquired from diverse sources.  

From 2010, SOPAC ICT has attempted to unify and catalogue SOPAC's diverse spatial data collection under a standardised, secure and user-friendly system, with the goal of having a common platform that will not only make SOPAC’s GIS work more visible to the member countries (and the general public at large), but will also prove endlessly useful to SOPAC staff in their day to day work.

Applied GeoScience and Technology Division (AGTD) has a number of public geospatial data repositories which could be accessed by clicking the product logo's below:

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From The Managers Desk

Bula and welcome to the February edition of Snapshots. There’s quite a hive of activity within the Disaster Reduction Programme and we’re happy to be able to share with you some of the successes of our Pacific island countries in disaster risk management.

Many of the staff did not have a moment to waste this past month and a number have been travelling around the region addressing a country priorities. You’ll hear about some of them in this issue. We are going to press with this issue shortly following the major devastating earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand where a number of lives have unfortunately been lost. We remember the families of those who lost loved ones in our prayers and also our untiring colleagues in the New Zealand Ministry of Civil Defense and Emergency Management, and all emergency workers that have converged on Christchurch to assist in the rescue and recovery effort.

We also extend our best wishes to colleagues in the Vanuatu NDMO and other agencies in Vanuatu who have had to deal with relief efforts linked to 2 recent cyclones. It has kept them busy but they’ve still had time to support the on-going effort on a second phase of implementation for their DRM NAP which is currently underway. You’ll read more about this later.

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Mosese Sikivou
Deputy Director,
Disaster Reduction Programme