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SPC refines links with the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS)

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Prof. Christian Heipke during the discussion with GIS&RS users in Suva

The Secretary General of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS), Prof. Christian Heipke, met with the SPC Deputy Director, Fekitamoeloa Utoikamanu and SPC’s Geoscience Division Director Prof. Mike Petterson, last Friday to discuss further enhancement of the link between ISPRS and SPC-GSD.

ISPRS bundles national geospatial societies and through this, ISPRS has the largest network of research and method development in the geospatial area.

SPC-GSD has been the regional member for Pacific Island countries for the last 10 years with the rationale of using this network to benefit its member countries.

In 2005 the former president of ISPRS Prof. John Trinder visited the Pacific Islands GIS&RS User Conference and started the tradition of a discussion session where Pacific islanders highlight problems in adapting to remote sensing application from outside the Pacific to Pacific environment. This discussion session continues to be facilitated in every GIS&RS User Conference since and is the only documentation of such Pacific issues.

Now, Christian Heipke pushes the visibility of Pacific GIS&RS users within the society. This will increase the link to other users outside the Pacific working on similar method development and might provide solutions usable for the Pacific environment.

The GIS&RS user meeting being held every Friday afternoon at SPC-GSD was utilised by the Fiji GIS&RS user group to discuss with Prof. Heipke method adaptation problems and possible solutions where the SPC GIS officers presented on the Pacific.

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Tuesday, 20th March, Suva - Using the right tool for the right job is a common mantra amongst data specialists, but in the Pacific, access to, and more importantly, knowledge about relevant software tools is not readily available.

In the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) domain, undertaking even basic tasks entails using expensive proprietary software solutions. These software solutions are beyond the budget of many government and academic GIS units in the region, and this has resulted in rampant piracy and illegal use of such software.

Seeing a need for freely available GIS software, which has no licensing restrictions, SOPAC Division of SPC actively advocates the use of, and subsequently, provides relevant training on Free and Open Source (FOSS) Geo-spatial software through the work of its SOPAC Division.

In a recent training trip to Solomon Islands Power Authority, Mr Edwin Liava'a, Utilities GIS Specialist, SOPAC Division, deployed FOSS GIS software on their network and conducted relevant training. The software package he used was specifically built for Pacific Islands GIS Units by SOPAC Division.