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The Pacific explores the links between water and energy on World Water Day

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Did you know that 8% of global energy generation is used for pumping, treating and transporting water to various consumers?  Did you also know that most of the electricity generated in the Pacific Islands Countries and Territories is from water?

The links between these two scarce and important resources – water and energy – is the theme of this year’s World Water Day, celebrated globally on 22nd March.

Each year, World Water Day is acknowledged throughout the Pacific with the support of awareness materials prepared and distributed by the GSD Division of SPC.  This year’s theme draws attention to the vital role of water and energy sources to the sustainable development of Pacific Island Countries and Territories.

While energy is needed to pump, treat and distribute water to Pacific households, water is also an important energy source in several Pacific Island Countries, where the energy of rivers and streams is harnessed by hydro-electric facilities at the municipal, village and even household scale.

Solomone Fifita, head of the SPC Economic Development Division’s Energy Programme, noted the close linkages that exist between the conservation of water and energy resources.  “The choices we make every day on our water and energy use are closely related, and decisions on the supply, distribution, price and use of water and energy impact one another,” he said.

“In the Pacific, we’re making some great progress in developing renewable energy sources and demonstrating innovative water-saving technologies such as eco-sanitation, yet many Pacific communities still struggle to secure safe, sustainable and affordable energy, water and sanitation solutions.”

“This is why international events such as World Water Day are important to celebrate our achievements, while at the same time advocate on the need for greater efforts to improve the sustainability of our precious resources – including water and energy.”

World Water Day is being celebrated across the Pacific in a variety of ways.  In Fiji, activities kicked off yesterday in the town of Korovou, Tailevu, where local communities and students from nearby schools joined in games and exercises designed to explore the links between water and energy and the importance of these resources to future generations.

More information on World Water Day can be found at www.unwater.org/worldwaterday

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In a Pacific first, a delegation of 14 representatives from four Pacific Overseas Countries/Territories (OCTs) met in Nadi, Fiji for a meeting to exchange information and ideas on issues around water, sanitation and disaster risk management.

The exchange between French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Wallis & Futuna, Pitcairn Island and Fiji reflects the growing interaction and increased closeness between Pacific OCTs and other Pacific Island Countries (PICS).

The OCT delegates toured Nadi to learn more about local activities to improve water, sanitation and disaster preparedness. They visited downtown Nadi to see the effects of the 2009 floods and also visited sites that are part of a Global Environment Facility (GEF) demonstration project, which aims to use Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) to reduce the impact of flooding in the area.