Pacific Geospatial and Surveying Council

Sustainable development in the Pacific enabled by world class geospatial information and surveying services


The Pacific Geospatial and Surveyors Council (PGSC) provides a regional network and forum for Pacific Island geospatial information and survey authorities to address regional challenges. Our priorities include:

  • Building the capacity of regional surveyors
  • Improving and standardising geospatial information gathering and dissemination
  • Maximising economic growth and alleviating poverty
  • Informing natural resource management, disaster risk management and climate change adaptation

This will be achieved by coordination, communication, and collaboration of activities as well as sharing resources and applications of location information through regional and global partnerships.


The Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) shall provide secretariat and technical support for the Council through the Pacific Geospatial and Surveying Partnership Desk (PGSPD)


Our core members are national geospatial and surveying authorities of Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs).

Other members may include observers, expert contributors or organisations from both the surveying and geospatial private sector, non-PICT government agencies, academic institutions, commercial survey manufacturers, non-governmental organisations of professional surveyors with mandates and work programs relevant to geospatial information management and/or spatial data infrastructure as well as development partners operating in the Pacific region.




Capacity Building
  • Promote and support capacity building of surveyors in the region
  • Develop and support national and regional strategies, and the implementation of frameworks and legislation to combat common Pacific Island geospatial challenges
  • Create educational and training opportunities for regional surveyors
  • Facilitate the exchange of resources, information and experience amongst stakeholders, in key areas such as technical developments, information management and survey techniques
  • Support the sharing of personnel and equipment to aid in survey activities and data management, but without interference in the national responsibilities of each survey office
Contribute to Regional Sustainable Development
  • Raise awareness among Pacific governments on the role of surveying and geospatial information in sustainable development
  • Promote the role of the geodetic surveyor or geospatial scientist in the administration of, and planning for, land and marine environments
  • Provide a platform for national geospatial information authorities to actively contribute to sustainable development discussions and activities
Regional Coordination
  • Foster and support the network of Pacific Island surveying and geospatial operators
  • Facilitate dialogue and cooperation between member countries on unified regional approaches to geodetic and geospatial information and infrastructure management
  • Facilitate dialogue and cooperation with donor agencies and educational institutions
  • Support the initiative of the United Nations to implement global mechanisms to foster geospatial information management and the development of pro-poor gender-sensitive, scalable land tools
  • Provide advice and feedback to the direction and work plan of the SPC Geoscience Division
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