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SOPAC attends the PWWA Workshop

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The Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission (SOPAC) attended the Pacific Water and Wastes Association (PWWA) workshop on benchmarking and matchmaking on the 6th and 7th of July 2010. The workshop was co-facilitated and co-funded by PWWA and UN-HABITAT.

As part of the Global Water Partnerships Alliance, UN-HABITAT are proposing to establish a Water Operators Partnership (WOP) in the Pacific, with PWWA as the facilitators.

The workshop was aimed at assessing how the Pacific WOP platform could be established and to identify some key areas where twinning arrangements as part of the WOP would be most beneficial to the Pacific water utilities.

The proposal of the Pacific WOP and twinning was well received by the PWWA membership and will be further progressed by PWWA and UN-HABITAT.
SOPAC with their regional mandate and vast Pacific experience in implementing programmes on water (and sanitation) management has offered to collaborate with PWWA as needed to strengthen the Pacific WOP platform.

Contact: Tasleem Hasan, Water Services Coordinator, SOPAC

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For the first time a selection of river characteristics from across the Pacific can be found in one book the Catalogue of Rivers for Pacific Islands. The book documents the main features and characteristics of the rivers in eight Pacific Island Countries and the available data associated with them.

Rivers in the Pacific Islands are generally very dynamic. The distances from their sources to the ocean are often short. The consequent short travel times allow waters to rise and fall quickly in response to rainfall. This was seen with devastating effect during the recent flooding in Nadi, Fiji in late March.

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