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The SOPAC "Geonetwork" is an online searchable digital catalogue hosting a collection of the SOPAC's scientific information from the Pacific Region. The regional information storage and retrieval system was developed to enable easy, secure access to ocean data and relevant products and services for end users in the Pacific islands.

Geonetwork is a storage and retrieval system that was developed to enable easy and secure access to ocean observation data and relevant products and services for end-users in Pacific Islands.

The catalogue is maintained using the international ISO 19115 geographic information metadata standard which allows for better management and interoperability of geospatial data.


Geonetwork facilitates and allows the security\, accessibility and sharing of geographically referenced thematic information between different organisations and its guiding principles are:

  • To improve access to and integrated use of SOPAC scientific information.
  • To support decision making in the Pacific region
  • To promote multidisciplinary approaches to sustainable development.
  • To enhance understanding of the benefits of geographic information

The OIP has an ongoing commitment to data rescue, collation, storage, data cataloguing and digitisation and undertakes to make ocean data available to members  to support improved decisions.

Through this continuous effort the SOPAC geonetwork now holds a range of ocean data and relevant products such as regional bathymetry datasets, bathymetric charts, topography and technical reports, seismic data, coastal topography datasets and maps, marine and pysio-chemical datasets, maritime boundary information, sea level data (in conjunction from the Pacific Sea level Monitoring Project), regional marine scientific research cruise, satellite imagery, and scanned aerial photographs.

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Dr Wolf Forstreuter from Pacific-Community-SPC's Geoscience Division acknowledged the wonderful cooperation with the Fiji Police Force and said that Fiji was a forerunner of GIS usage in law enforcement in the Pacific region and they would be looked up to, to provide guidance for other regional law enforcement agencies who may also consider doing the same.

Fiji Police Force officials who were present were: ACP Biu Matavou, CII; SSP Semis Bokadi, Dir CID; SP Eparama Waqa, D/Dir CID; Actg SP Mahen Shyam, D/Dir Plans; ASP Ilaitia Caginavanua; ASP Uate Rogo, Manager IT; Actg ASP Eseta Lewabeci, OC Stats; IP Lagi, Plans Unit; Cpl Pauliasi, Plans Unit; WPC Kinisimere; WPC Seini; Mrs Rasila; Mrs Singh and Ms Ana Naisoro the Media Advisor.

Pacific-Community-SPC representatives present were: Dr Wolf Forstreuter the GIS/RS Team Leader; Mr Sachindra Singh, the Senior Geospatial Systems Architect for SPC's ICT for Development team; Lanieta Rokotuiwakaya a GIS/RS Specialist and Elenoa Diani also a GIS/RS Specialist.